Ghazi Khan
Ghazi Khan I am an open source developer and I love building simple solutions for complex technical problems.

Hello, Reader.

Hello, Reader.

Hello, I’m Ghazi, and welcome to my blog.

I created this platform to share my experiences and knowledge on programming and tech-related issues we face in our daily lives. As a self-taught programmer, I focus on putting forward information in simple terms for easy understanding, without compromising on quality.

This blog covers a range of topics including web development, Android development, and machine learning, with a strong focus on open-source projects. My goal is to create a community where we can work together to solve problems, learn from each other, and build amazing projects.

My journey started with Java during high school, where I began exploring the world of programming by creating simple calculators and chatbots. Later, I learned HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL, and built websites using various hosting options including Linux with cPanel, Windows with a familiar UI, and cloud computing with AWS.

As I explored new areas, I delved into Android development, and published several open-source projects on Java. I’m still learning Kotlin, and excited to continue exploring the possibilities of mobile development.

If you’re looking for simple, yet informative articles on programming and tech-related issues, this blog is for you. Together, we can create amazing things and learn new skills. Join me on this journey, and let’s build something great.

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