I’m Ghazi and I created this blog to share some ideas, and issues and solve problems related to programming and tech we face in our daily lives and what I’ve learned through my experiences and mistakes.

Here we are going to work together on multiple open-source projects too. From Web Apps to Android and some ML too. But I must tell you I love talking too much and most of them are indeed trash (that’s why I had to put it in the website title). I hope to create a bond between this blog (me) and my readers.

Not a very great blogger but surely ready to try something new.

I’m self-taught, first thing, so I lack a lot of technical terminology and jargon. So what I do instead is put things forward in as simple terms as possible, which I hope won’t be a big problem, I can always learn things from you guys.

Now let’s go into little detail about my previous projects and dissect them to help you get familiar with my working space.

I started with Java in high school days, not very interested in programming for obvious reasons but slowly it grew on me and I came to love the idea of creating things. So I started with simple calculators, then the advanced chatbots. But I wanted to explore more fluid and visible options available.

After school, I started HTML, and CSS (HTML5 and CSS3 were fairly new), but I was a version behind because I was clueless about what to look for. So to make it programmable, I learned PHP and MySQL with GUIs (not very good at terminals tbh). First, localhost (XAMPP, Wamp, etc) then moved to a remote host, don’t remember the name with a very common blog idea, an entertainment site then a music site build on its very sub-domain (can’t tell how idiot I feel now) for hosting I chose Linux with GUI; cPanel and phpMyAdmin after that moved that website to GoDaddy with Plesk Panel (still Linux).

After exploring almost all the options available for hosting from Shared, to Dedicated to Virtual (as Cloud came later) and multiple OS distributions, I decided to go with Windows for more familiar UI reasons, as I’ve been using Windows PC since the beginning of my programming career.

Then came the big idea of cloud computing, at first I thought of it as just another virtual computing with a different label (to some extent it’s still the case) but when I decided to enter it, I was amazed by the number of possibilities it came with. I’m still exploring the huge horizons of it, and I’m in love with AWS now.

Once web development was in the works, I had to look for new ideas to avoid becoming boring. I started working on Android Development (still learning) and published a few open sources on Java (Kotlin wasn’t introduced yet).

So this was a nice journey I must say, a good beginning in fact. And I hope to create many beautiful things along with you guys.

Let’s do this.